onsdag 21 januari 2009


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Surskägget sa...

Hade jag inte redan varit gift hade jag gift mig med dom allihop (hmm...vänta lite om jag ändå ska vara polygamist betyder det att jag kan gifta mig med dom allihop trots att jag redan är gift!).

Little Rascal sa...

What do you mean?
Do you mean it in an ironic way that they aren't?
Or if you ever get a son you would want them to marry him because you like the way they look?
Am I screwing with your head now? :))

I got tattoos all over my upper body and my mother in law (who is a typical Jewish mom) actually loves mine because they are colorful and femme.
(Jews ar not allowed to have tattoos.)
But hey, she can't complain, her youngest one finally found a Jewish girl, through Jews With Tattoos on MySpace! :))

Bla, bla, bla, sorry, got nothing better to do tonight...

DevilDoll sa...

Jews with tattoos? Haha are you serious?! Hahaha brilliant!

I have abunch of them too and it's always the issue with both my parents and if I'm seeing someone, how are his parents gonna react bla bla bla..

I try not to care too much, I don't have them to make everyone else happy (as many seem to think), I have them for myself.
And I love the argument "how about when you get old, how's it gonna look then?". Well, about that time there's gonna be a lot of old people walking around covered in tattoos so I'm not really gonna be alone hahaha..