måndag 5 oktober 2009


Ni måste kolla in den här artikeln i brittiska The Guardian. "Meet the raggare". Underbar!

Raggare: the Swedish rock'n'roll cult comes of age
The biggest pop tribe in Sweden isn't indie kids or techno heads. It's made up of people who
adore Chuck Berry and drive vintage cars. Meet the raggare.

In high summer, deep in the Swedish countryside, you could easily believe Rebel Without a Cause or The Wild One are being remade. The quiffs, classic cars and 1950s clothes aren't for show, however. These people aren't costumed extras, they are raggare, members of the largest pop-culture tribe in
Sweden, and one of the most influential in Scandinavia.

Rock'n'roll never died for the raggare: they are still devoted to the music, the fashion, the aesthetics. For 50 years they have kept its spirit alive, but where rock'n'rollers in other countries have dwindled into small groups, in Sweden they have gone from strength to strength – there are now estimated to be half a million of them.

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