fredag 19 november 2010

Machine gun blues

Äntligen är nya Social Distortion-singeln släppt. Den heter Machine gun blues och låter rätt bra i mina öron! Lyssna här:

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johnny danger sa...

hello, this is ben from germany.

i saw this skirt at your blog:

is it something i can buy somewhere or is it a shot of a old skirt?

if i can buy it somewhere, could you PLEASE let me know where, i would love to buy it for christmas for my girlfriend.

best wishes,


my e-mail address is:

Anonym sa...

Hi Ben,

If I can remember correctly it is from Pinupgirl Clothing, however now I couldn't find it on their website for some reason.
I'll let you know if I find it, but otherwise they have some gorgeous stuff so maybe you could find something else there for her.
Good luck!

Bildrömmar och drömbilar sa...

Riktigt bra.