måndag 2 februari 2009


"Little Richard huffs with the Ramones and puts his 45s on 78".
Så beskriver bandet Kings of Nuthin' sig själva. Det här fantastiska bandet är min nya kärlek. Länge sen jag hörde nåt så jävla bra! Varför kommer det så mycket bra band från just Boston?

3000 miles away from home with a bus broken down, 1 stolen piano, 3 saxophones, a bunch of guys who want to kill each other and a $10.00 black suit. Such circumstances emerges into one of those moments in life when one starts to think, "How the hell did I get here, and what the hell am I doing?"

Completely out of tune, eight men strong and broken down not far from your hometown, they call themselves THE KINGS OF NUTHIN`. In the summer of 1999 "The Boston Blackouts" officially adopted their new name THE KINGS OF NUTHIN` and began playing outside of Massachusetts. Their history is as ludicrous as it gets - - 8 punks trying to re-create an authentic rock and roll sound, failing to do so, and inventing a very unique new sound in the process.

5 kommentarer:

NormaJeane sa...

Det låter bra!

Silvermyth sa...

Dom grabbarna vet hur man ställer skåpet när det kommer till scen-röj..så mycket är klart. Jag vill också elda saxofon :D

punk in writing sa...

De är tokbra live.

Anonym sa...

Jag är officiellt avundsjuk!

Rob sa...

Grymaste liveact..