onsdag 23 september 2009


Har senaste tiden varit lite orolig över ett av mina favvo-band - Kings of Nuthin' - och deras vara eller icke vara. Har varit snack om att de lagt ner då det varit väldigt tyst i några år. Men så fick jag ett härligt mail som visade precis motsatsen. Nu får man bara hoppas på att turnén styrs hitåt!

Sailor's Grave Records is excited to announce the upcoming release of Old Habits Die Hard by The Kings Of Nuthin', Boston's favorite fusion of wild 50's R&B and cacophonous punk rock. The effort was produced by Jim Seigel and recorded at the Outpost (Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood, Death Before Dishonor). This stellar recording will make its way into stores early in 2010.

The Kings Of Nuthin's Liam Crill, had this to say:
"Restless from hiding out after legal troubles, injuries, and baby makin' (congrats, Necro) for the last couple of years, we're proud to partner back up with Sailors Grave again for the release of our first full-length all-original record since Fight Songs in 2002. We'll be touring in support of the release, so come cause trouble with us when we show up in your town."

2 kommentarer:

Jocke 13 sa...

Ett grymt bra band,
ny platta 2 februari
om jag fått allt rätt.

Anonym sa...

Säger du det... Tack för tipset!