torsdag 14 oktober 2010


Detta trevliga event är kick-off till Stockholm Burlesque Festival som hålls nästa helg. Urtrevligt låter det!

Swedish Burlesque Calendar 2011
Swedish Burlesque Calendar 2011 is a collaborative project that explores the Swedish Burlesque scene through the characters, personalities and venues that define it.

Creative duo, artist John Paul Bichard and performer Fräulein Frauke invited 12 of Sweden's top Burlesque stars to participate in the creation of a series of photographic artworks as part of Bichard's ongoing ' Identity series'. The resultant images form the basis of the Swedish Burlesque Calendar 2011. The works capture a moment in time when the Swedish Burlesque world has grown to become a popular artform, showing off the creativity in the scene and the people behind it. The locations for the shoots were chosen to bring out the personal expression of the performers in Stockholm's top lavish venues.

The duo bring to the project not only experience from in front and behind the lens but also an understanding of what constitutes identity, character and a sense of the 'fantastic'. In setting out to capture the energy and vitality of a scene that is both extravagant and unconventional, they have created a rich impression of a contemporary expressive and glamorous artform.

Kalendern kommer att finnas till försäljning, 200 kronor! Skynda att OSA och kom och skåla!
Blir en fin inledning på Stockholm Burlesque Festival!

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