fredag 22 oktober 2010


Fick det här roliga tipset från Mariélle, superduktig kille!

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Bumbi sa...

Grymt! Väldigt säker på handen!

anni sa...

Hi! I've been reading you blog for quite a while, but i've never before left a comment. Thank you for your inspiring blog and greetings from Finland! :)
I'm coming to Stockholm in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if you'd have any good tips on stores with rockabilly/psychobilly clothing? I'm definitely visiting at least Sivletto in Sofo.
Take care! xxx

Anonym sa...

Hi Anni, thanks so much for your kind words, nice to hear from you!

Of course I do! For starters Sivletto, which you know of. Quite expensive but lots of cool stuff.

Also, you should visit Daisy Dapper ( which is in the same area.

Then you have Beyond Retro which is a second hand place, they have three stores located around Stockholm, two in Södermalm and one in the centre of Stockholm ( Here you can find loads of beautiful dresses in different shapes, condition and prices.

If you're into second hand there are lots of good places: Saker & Ting, Judits Second Hand, Lisa Larsson and Old Touch to name a few.

For lingerie and some clothing make a visit to Pom Pom Parlour (, located in a mall in the city centre.

Psychobilly is not as big, but for psychobilly and punk inspired stuff visit Schock, Blue Fox or Thisway.

Do you need tips for clubs/bars too? If you read my blog you've probably picked up a few all ready, but just let me know otherwise, also let me know what dates and I'll see if there's something special going on that week!

Good luck!

anni sa...

Oh, thank you ever so much! I think all these tips will keep me busy for the day :) I hope my boyfriend doesn't mind..
I've been crying over all the cool happenings that you have posted, but this time we are coming on a beer cruise, spending only the day in Stockholm. Too bad :(

Thank you once again! :))

Anonym sa...

Not a problem, I hope you'll have a good time in my beautiful city!