fredag 22 oktober 2010


Nya Social Distortion-skivan verkar äntligen vara på gång, på riktigt! Årets se-fram-emot!

Social Distortion have officially announced the release of their new album Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes due out January 18, 2011. The guys definitely don’t waste any time getting to business on Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes with the long awaited instrumental intro “Road Zombie,” which sets the tone for the next fifty-five minutes. Followed by some new sounds with songs like “California (Hustle And Flow),” which includes backing gospel singers and greasy solos. A quoted nod to the Stones and sure to give you the chills. Rest assured that you’ll find some familiarity with songs you’ve been hearing on the road such as “Diamond In The Rough” and “Bakersfield.”

Be sure to keep your ears peeled for the band's first single "Machine Gun Blues," a grinding modern day Bonnie & Clyde outlaw style anthem. "Machine Gun Blues" will be available for download via iTunes on November 9.

Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes Track Listing:
1. Road Zombie
2. California (Hustle And Flow)
3. Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown
4. Diamond In The Rough
5. Machine Gun Blues
6. Bakersfield
7. Far Side Of Nowhere
8. Alone And Forsaken
9. Writing On The Wall
10. Can't Take It With You
11. Still Alive

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