torsdag 2 oktober 2008


Underbara Sivletto annordnar till och från olika kurser. 25-26 oktober är det dags för en ny pinstriping-kurs med PekkaWizzz från Finland. Anmäl er snabbt om ni är intresserade, kan vara för sent! Mer info nedan.

Courses on Pinstriping Basics

THE DATE FOR THE COURSE HAS BEEN FINALLY SORTED OUT:OCT 25.-26:TH ARE THE DAYS... and we will be training in a whole new Sivletto with much more Grace and Space. Thanks for all of you who has been patiently waiting for the dates to be announced!
Leave your application by sending an e-mail to Pekka: wizzzard(at) and you will get more info for the payment.

Basics of Pinstriping at Sivletto We start in Saturday at 12.00 and go on until 18.00.
- The short history of Pinstriping- The materials in striping and lettering. How to maintain the brushes, how to get started with a new brush.- Correct way to hold the brush in different type of striping, the most common mistakes- How to start the line, technics in painting a curve, the principles of making a design of a stripe.- Practising a curved line

Sunday 11.00 - 17.00
- practicing continues with the curves- how to do scroll striping- basics of design, composition, colours.- basics of scroll striping- final work
The tools
The participant will recieve a free pinstriping brush and a scroll brush.Also the guide of pinstriping in Swedish, written by Wizzz. You also recievea panel to make the final work.

How many students?
You are welcome to bring your own stuff to paint if you wish. The maximum amount of participants is 12 people, minumum is 5 people.

The costs
The cost is sek 2200,-
The application should take place at October 10:th at the latest. But hurry, since we can't teach more than 12 students at the same time and the course will be filled at the same order as the payments will arrive.

What if you miss the dates?
No worries! There's going to be another course coming in the springtime. More about that later, just leave your name to our list and you will be informed.

Welcome to the world of Kustom Kulture!
More info: wizzzard at and from Sivletto: 08-643 39 72
PekkaWizzz you'll reach from + 358-40-558 7192 (give a call in the evening or weekends to get the man on the phone). In english or swedish. If you want to get the right answers to your questions it's better in english though...

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