fredag 26 mars 2010


....ikväll borde man ju egentligen gå på Nalen!

Kittenville Xtravaganza
När: 26/3, 21.00-02.00
Var: Nalen, David Bagares gata 17
Pris: 120 kr

Kittenville har äntligen hittat ett nytt hem på Stacken och firar detta med extra allt! Kom och se storslagna grupprutiner och stekheta solon om vartannat. Förutom show i världsklass bjuder Kittenville på fantastiska dj:s for your dancing pleasure.

Come see the winners of Most Classic Act at the 2009 Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame Pageant perform some of their grand troupe routines as well as a selection of sizzling solos!

The Amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue is Sweden's first and finest modern day burlesque troupe. We're a sparkling band of beauties specializing in the art of burlesque, with fancy chorus routines recalling the technicolor dreams of Golden Era Hollywood, sizzling striptease solos, raunchy bump'n'grind and humorous burleycue skits. We specialize in classic burlesque like it used to be when your grand-daddy was a young man, add a big slew of humour and cheesy cheese, and there you have it. D.I.Y. glamour and homebrewed escapism - fancy for the not-so-fancy, the punk of dance entertainment, female-to-female drag show with a troupe as varied in appearance as it is consistent in class, passion and charm. We've performed all over Stockholm and Sweden as well as in Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Paris, New York and Las Vegas and we keep travelling and working on our scheme to take over the world, or at least turn everybody into a true believer in burlesque, one garment at a time. solos!The Amazing Knicker Kittens host this spring most spectacular and glamorous burlesque event. There will also the the world premiere of their newest Las Vegas routine, the Peacock! This you don't want to miss...!
Dj: Freddie Four Eyes

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